Lady Takes Exclusive Jet To Storm The Capitol, Since Whatever Is Being Taken From Her

Guests from around flew to DC this past week on American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and also others to object– and also some to riot– at the Capitol. Several were maskless, some were begun flights. Others bugged Mitt Romney heading to DC (and also en route house, bothered Lindsey Graham). Still others predicted “TRUMP 2020” onto the ceiling of their aircraft. As well as others sat quietly.

But Dallas-area realtor and radio host Jenna Ryan took an exclusive jet. (HT: D.R.)

And she streamed the enjoyment of the journey from inside the jet as they prepared to depart the
United States Trinity Aeronautics FBO in Denton, Texas.

Before occasions unfolded on Wednesday she outlined what was mosting likely to happen, she stated “we’re going to be damaging windows” and would need to “handle the tear bombs as well as gas bombs” as well as not just that she had to “dress warm” since it was chilly old. And this was all because– without any self-awareness of having actually flown to DC on an exclusive jet– “they’re taking whatever” away from her.

She proclaimed that “All these working class individuals taking the week off … We flew here for freedom. They intend to take the political election, they wish to steal whatever … We the people are pissed off … We flew by an exclusive jet, God wanted us right here today. Trump is my head of state.”

And for her the storming of the Capitol wasn’t an embarassment.

Fortunately obviously is that by flying exclusive, other passengers really did not need to rest next to her in either direction.